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Rush Dates

November 19, 1974 Seattle, WA 1974
Location: Paramount Theater, Seattle, Washington, USA
Source: Audience (Master)
Grade: A-
Setlist:Finding My Way 5:37
What You're Doing 4:52
In the Mood 3:48
Here Again 8:55
Fancy Dancer 4:22
Bad Boy 7:00
Working Man 13:00
Anthem 4:42

Comments: This is the master version of the show. Its very good, actually, very nice and full sounding show. We do get an extra 2 minutes before the show, for some odd reason, but it still sounds good. The audience is quiet, and the band is upfront. There is some distortion as it might have been taped too hot, but I can easily correct this for you. It does sound really good when played loud. The performance is excellent, the boys are playing their hearts out for the Washington folk, and they give a very good performance of Anthem tonight. A show that you should definatly check out if you want.

December 05, 1974 By-tor 74
Location: Electric Lady Studios, New York, New York, USA
Source: FM Radio Broadcast
Grade: B+/A-
Setlist: Finding My Way
Best I Can
In the Mood
Need Some Love
Fly By Night
Here Again
Bad Boy
Working Man
By-Tor and the Snowdog
Drum Solo

Comments: I let off the bonus tracks, but they were interesting. The show itself sounds a little more genned than the Digital Reproductions release, but its still pretty good. Its full, but not as bright as the Digital release. The performance is solid, if not a bit uneventful at times, because Geddy is in a more reserved mood because its a smaller audience show. Its a good show, but get Electric Rush because its lessed genned and sounds better.

December 16, 1974 Here Again At The Agora - Platinum Edition
Location: Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Source: FM Broadcast / Soundboard
Grade: A
Setlist: Finding My Way 5:30
Best I Can 3:21
What You're Doing 5:14
Fly By Night 3:20
Here Again 9:06
Anthem 4:26
Bad Boy 7:15
Working Man 13:21

Comments: Maybe not the first stop in Cleveland, but its a hell of a lot better than the Finding Prime bootleg from this very same show. The sound is much more raw sounding, much more upfront. The sonics here are excellent. There is some distortion in Finding my Way, but it seems to clear up after that song as it does not seem to interfere with the rest of the show, which is very good here. The performance, at least for me, leaves so much to be desired. There isn't a good amount of energy with the performance, and it seems too polished and boring, so I don't listen to it as much as the first stop in Cleveland. We get a very good performance of Anthem, I will give this boot that at least. A good show, a must have.

November 01, 1974 Come in and Feel the Show
Location: Convocation Hall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Source: Audience
Grade: B-
Setlist: Finding My Way 5:16
Best I Can 3:24
In the Mood 3:42
Anthem 4:50
Here Again 9:20
Bad Boy 6:57
Working Man 12:30

Comments: I think the only reason to get this show is because of the amazing energy in the performance, and the setlist is very nice. The sound, you can definatly pass on if you had the chance. Its by no means bad, but it isn't any better than the 1974-08-14 show, unfortunatly. There is a good amount of sound coming up, but it overall lacks in high end and low end, with only the mids supporting anything really. Working Man sounds decent here, but I don't think that the rest of the show does. There is distance and there is some muffling with the recording, making it very hard to hear the instruments at times because it is compressed heavily in everything really. The performance saves this show though from being terrible. They give amazing performances of everything, luckily. A show more for collectors.

August 14, 1974 Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down
Location: Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Source: Audience (Analog)
Grade (1): B
Grade (2):C/C-
Setlist: Finding My Way 5:25
In The Mood 3:52
Bad Boy 5:04
Working Man/Drum Solo 3.26
Finding My Way 5:41
In The Mood 3:59
Bad Boy 5:11
Working Man/Drum Solo 10:33

Comments: There are apperantly 2 sources from the very first show with Neil, one is very good, one is pretty damn bad. The first source here is actually quit good. The sound is a tad compressed, and there lacks dynamics, but there is better clarity than the other one. The only main knock I have with this show is that this is incomplete, unfortuantly. Working man is missing about 7 minutes from the show. The second source, a show only its taper could really love, unfortunatly. This source is complete, unlike the other source, with all of the missing minutes of the Working Man, Drum solo thing. Thats probably the only thing thats worth getting in the second source. The sound here is dreadful, lacks clarity and punch, and extremely distant in all ways. Source one is a must have, source two you can definatly pass on.

08/14/74 At the Civic Center Remastered
Location: Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Source: Audience Analog
Grade: B-
Setlist: Finding My way
In the Mood
Bady Boy
Working Man/ Drum Solo

Comments: This is the best one so far. The sound is hard to listen to, but this one clears up some of the mistakes, but still is a little hard to listen. This is only really needed because of its rarity. Its Neils first show with Rush, and he is pumped. But, man, Geddy sounds like a howling wolf, and its scary. I can't say this is the strongest performance, but I do think that it isn't all too bad. The sound is missing dynamics, but has decent punch, but lacks overall clarity with the recording. I can only recommend this to diehard fans of the original Rush era of the band.

November 19, 1974 Music is Paramount
Location: Paramount Theater, Seattle, Washington, USA
Source: Audience (1st gen)
Grade: B+/A-
Setlist:Finding My Way 5:37
What You're Doing 4:52
In the Mood 3:48
Here Again 8:55
Fancy Dancer 4:22
Bad Boy 7:00
Working Man 13:00
Anthem 4:42

Comments: This is a great sounding show! It also rare, so that makes it even better! Another great thing about the recording is that it has one of the earliest known performances of "Anthem" recorded onto the taper. I can't say "Finding my Way" is the best sounding one, but the taper starts the settle down after that song. The sound quality is almost excellent, with a few minor flaws. There is a little bit of tape hiss, but it really isn't very distracting, because it starts to blend in with the music after a little while. Geddy was on fire that night, he had strong vocals at the Paramount Theater. I strongly recommend this show.

August 26, 1974 The Fifth Order of Angels
Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Source:Pre-FM Broadcast Soundboard
Grade: A+
Setlist: Stage Announcements 0:30
Finding My Way 5:07
Best I Can 3:03
Need Some Love 3:24
In the End 6:19
Fancy Dancer 3:54
In the Mood 3:25
Bad Boy 5:41
Here Again 8:02
Working Man 9:13
Drum Solo 3:09
What You're Doing 4:33
Garden Road 3:07

Comments: This has to be on of the greatest bootlegs I own. The sound quality is almost flawless, and the pre-release of a few songs, and songs that were never released was a real treat for me, more or so for everyone to listen too. Geddy's vocals are on fire, they are very strong. Neils drumming is okay, but he is still adjusting to the band and how they play together. The guitar is a little wavy, switching from the left to the right channel often, but it really isn't a problem. The bass is very strong, loud and nice. The performance here is a standout. Geddy is singing with amazing passion, and they give so much raw energy you can't find in any later tours, as its much more polished, but this show is raw, and powerful Rush. I highly recommend.

December 16, 1974 Finding Prime
Location:Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Source:Pre-Broadcast Soundboard
Grade: A-
Setlist: Finding My Way 5:21
The Best I Can 3:26
What You're Doing 5:16
Fly By Night 3:25
Here Again 9:18
Anthem 4:37
Bad Boy 7:23
Working Man 10:52
Drum Solo 2:44

Comments: I don't think I like this one as much as The Fifth order of angels. The sound is really nice, but I can't say that I fell in love with it. The bass is more backround, and Geddy's vocals aren't as strong as the Fifth order of angels either. One of the good things about this recording is that it has many pre-released songs on the bootleg, "Fly by Night", and "Anthem." The performance here is a little boring and definatly way too polished, but not all too bad as they give some good performances of "Finding my way" and "Fly By Night." I recommend it, but its still not as good as Fifth Order of Angels.

November 27, 1974 Rushian Whiskey 74
Location:Whiskey a Go-Go, Los Angeles, California, USA
Grade: B/B+
Setlist: Finding My Way
Fancy Dancer
In the Mood / Country Ditty
In the End
What You're Doing
Bad Boy

Comments: This is a great recording all around. The sound here is pretty good, a little compression here, but nothing the would be serious. The performance here is pretty good too, but nothing unusual actually happens tonight. Geddy is in a good mood in the Country Ditty section of In the Mood. The country ditty is very rare here, and I am very glade that I can get to hear it on such a nice recording. There isn't too much tape hiss and there isn't too much distance, as it seems to be a smaller venue. A great source, for the collectors.

December 05, 1974 Electric Rush
Location: Electric Lady Studios, New York, New York, USA
Source: FM Radio Broadcast
Grade: A
Setlist: Finding My Way 5:20
Best I Can 3:13
In The Mood 3:42
Anthem 4:39
Need Some Love 3:32
Fly By Night 3:49
Here Again 9:27
Bad Boy 6:40
Working Man 9:57
Drum Solo 2:42
Outro 0:36

Comments: I'm falling in love with this one. This one has a lot of good songs, and pre-releases. The bass is pounding, hard, and great. The guitar is smooth, and sounds really clear. The drumming is great, Neil is getting the hang of working with Rush. Geddy's Vocals are pretty strong. Geddy also mentions (and complains about) the heat in the room. I think that the performance overall is very polished, and not as raw sounding as the 1974-08-26 show, which is also an amazing source from the tour. I think that they were trying to be less playful and much more serious with the overall performance. Overall, I completly, and highly recommend.

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