Monday, September 29, 2008

Fly By Night Date

March 19, 1975 Fly By Detroit
Location: Detroit, Michigan (Unknown Venue)
Source: Audience (Master)
Grade: C
Setlist: What Your Doing 4:21
Anthem 4:25
Beneath, Between, and Behind 1:54
In the End 4:12
Fly By Night 2:59
Working Man Drum Solo 2:57

Comments: Wow, what a show! This is definatly the rarest source from any era, definatly a show to look at. The sound, isn't great. I'll be honest, its near terrible, alright. Well, its not too bad, I suppose, if you can get past the phaser and utermost distance. Geddy seems a bit lost in the mix vocally, but his bass sounds fine. The drums sound okay, but the mix overall isn't very good by any standards. The shows performance is totally killer though, its amazing. They rock out so hard, and the version of In the End is definatly killer here, and Geddy's scream is definatly noticable even if he is a little low in the mix. And this is an incomplete source. Hopefully, we (every single trader) can get this awesome show, but maybe a different source than this one. A die-hard show.

June 25, 1975 Live Anthem 1975
Location: Massey Hall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Source: Audience
Grade: B
Setlist: Finding My Way
Best I Can
Beneath, Between, Behind
In the End
Fly By Night
Bytor and the Snowdog
Working Man / Drum Solo
In the Mood
Need Some Love
What You're Doing

Comments: Its not as good as In the Beginning, but it still sounds pretty good. In my eyes, a tad bit of a downgrade from that boot, but this one is definatly a keep as well because it does feature an extra studio song (Can't Fight It) I left it out of the setlist, but still its there. The sound is distorted and a tad more distant than In the Beginning, but I think that it has better resolution and seperation, but the overall sound isn't as good. A great Fly by Night show.

June 25, 1975 In the Beginning
Location: Massey Hall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Source: Audience
Grade: B/B+
Setlist: Finding My Way 5:34
Best I Can 3:54
Anthem 4:41
Beneath, Between, Behind 3:48
In the End 7:59
Fly By Night 4:04
By-Tor and the Snow Dog 10:15
Working Man / Drum Solo 16:54
In the Mood 3:12
Need Some Love 3:48
What You're Doing 5:15

Comments: A great fine that we have here. The sound is pretty good, there is some distortion but overall all the instruments sound great and Geddy is very well represented here. The performance is definatly very good, they seem to be up for a home date, and it really shows because Alex's playing is excellent tonight. Neil is pretty laid back on this date, but he dosen't slip tonight, and he really gives it to the corwd, especially for just getting the band, he really delivers the goods tonight. Overall, this is a must have for any Fly by Night tour lover, because there are so few that are good.

May 15, 1975 Bad Boys in Cleveland
Location: Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Source: FM Broadcast
Grade: A-
Setlist: Finding My Way 4:56
The Best I Can 3:14
What You're Doing 5:34
Anthem 4:16
Beneath, Between & Behind 3:03
In The End 6:39
Fly By Night 2:51
Working Man 13:34
In The Mood 3:10
Need Some Love 3:14
Bad Boy 5:06

Comments: I really dig this broadcast show. The hiss is there, but once they start to play, its gone in an instant. Geddy's voice sounds a little sick, but it sound really great. I love the bass being straight-forward and direct. The guitar is a little background, but it still has is edge. The drumming is a little blurred, but it still sounds really nice. Geddy overall is very clear. The performance here is definatly excellent, solid energy and a definate best from the tour. I hightly recommend this show to anyone who loves the fly by night era. Its one of the only shows form this tour.

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