Monday, September 29, 2008

2112 Dates

May 30, 1976 Tuning Man
Location:The Nelson Center, Springfield, Illinois, USA
Source: Soundboard
Grade: B+/A-
Setlist: Bastille Day 5:04
Anthem 4:47
Lakeside Park 4:12
2112 15:29
Fly By Night / In the Mood 4:53
By-Tor and the Snow Dog 11:22
In the End 7:12
Working Man, Finding My Way, Drum Solo 13:26
What You're Doing 5:26

Comments: The only 2112 show out there. This is obviously a radio broadcast/soundboard because there is chatter in between songs, which is actually really cool. The quality is really nice for being this old. Geddy has amazing vocals on this day. Everything is really straight-forward, and really nice. You might not want to turn this up to loud, its sounds bad. Its nice to have in the background while your listening, so it dosen't hurt your ears. Its very dry without any hall echo or any audience noise, really, dead audience for most of the time. There is some tape hiss here, but it isn't too bad. The performance is excellent, and everyone seems to be in a very fine mood tonight. Neil is slightly low in the mix. Quality is great, I highly recommend this show to anyone.

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