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All the World's a Stage Dates

June 11, 1977 Live in Newcastle, U.K.
Location: City Hall, Newcastle, UK
Source: Audience
Grade: C
Setlist: Bastille Day
Lakeside Park
Something for Nothing
By-tor and the Snowdog
The Necromancer
Working Man
Finding My Way
Drum Solo
Fly By Night
In the Mood
What Your Doing

Comments: This is probably the worst of the European 2112/All the Worlds a Stage tour, and with some good reason. It starts out pretty good, not great, but a B/B- rating. It was a little distant and lacked fidelity, which is definatly common for audience recordings from this tour, and the instrument seperation wasn't amazing, but everything seemed to be audible, and the audience wasn't too distracting. But, when Xanadu rolls around, it is obvious that the show had become muted. All you get is a bass end roar, nothing else. Thats when it went absolutly terrible, D+ grade. I averaged it out to a C, so the first disc is okay. The performance is amazing here, the boys are on fire. A show for the collectors.

June 04, 1977 Thank you for your Warm Welcome
Location: Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK
Source: Audience
Grade: B-
Setlist: Intro/ Bastille Day 5:14
Anthem 4:48
Lakeside Park 4:05
2112 20:04
Xanadu 10:53
Something for Nothing 3:49
By-Tor and the Snow Dog 12:29
The Necromancer 6:07
Medley: Working Man~Finding My Way~Drum Solo 14:28
Fly by Night/ In the Mood 4:54
What You're Doing 5:32
Best I Can 3:37

Comments: Here is a decent show from the European half of the 2112/All the Worlds a Stage tour, in early June of 1977. The sound here isn't going to win any awards for best sounding from the tour, but I think that the performance may be the best from this short European half. They give such energy into the songs, it really amazes me. This is a complete source, but there are cuts, although minor, can be a bit distracting sometimes. The sound here is okay. There is some hiss, as this is an older source, and there is some distance with the taper and band. But, at the start of "Xanadu" it seems, the sound goes muted and compressed. This show is also in mono, but I don't care because the performance here is so strong. I think this is a very good source, although not the best sounding, the performance is amazing here. This show is available in SHN format, but it came be just normal format, if you want.

April 22, 1977 Rons Vault Release #6
Location: Broome County Arena, Binghamton, New York, USA
Source: Audience
Grade: B
Setlist: 2112
Working Man
Finding My Way
Working Man
Drum Solo
Fly By Night
In The Mood

Comments: This is a great little source here. This is definatly far from perfect, but I think this is a great source for a larger collection. First off, the sound is a tad distant with the vocals, possibly taped on Alex's side if this is the case, and this is very incomplete. This is, in fact, one of the most incomplete sources from the 2112/All the Worlds a Stage tour. The sound is here is actually very nice. Another thing that makes this a must have for collectors is that the performance here is definatly excellent for the time. Although, we do miss a pre-release version of "Xanadu" and we also miss "The Necromancer" I think that this is still a pretty good record. More for the seasoned collectors though.

June 02, 1977 Summer Nights
Location: Free Trade Hall, Mancheser, England
Source: Audience (2nd gen)
Grade: A-
Setlist: Bastille Day,
Lakeside Park,
By-tor and the Snowdog,
The Necromancer,
Working man/Finding my way/ Drum solo,
Fly by Night,
In the Mood,
What your Doing

Comments: This is a more complete version of the Sign of Eth bootleg, and its slightly improved, sound-wise and completeness. Geddy was a little sick on this night, so his voice is a little low, but that really dosen't hurt or kill the performance at all. The new live version of "Xanadu" is worth getting, along with the long lost live version of "The Necromancer" is really a great treat as well. The sound is really good, there is some little distant parts, but it really sounds good. The guitar is also somewhat low in the mix, but the bass, drums, and keyboards are really high in the mix which is really good. So, without saying, this is one of the definative Pre-A Farewell to Kings tour dates, something you don't want to miss because the sound quality is really great, and so is the performance.

November 26, 1976 The Winterland
Location: The Winterland, San Francisco, California, USA
Source: Audience
Grade: C-
Setlist: Anthem
2112: Overture / The Temples of Syrinx / Discovery / Presentation / Soliloquy / Grand Finale
Working Man / Finding My Way / Working Man
Drum Solo
Fly By Night / In the Mood

Comments: There is definatly more bad than good on this bootleg. This is, first off, an incomplete show, so that isn't really great. The bass is pretty muddy, booming (not in the good way) and just ruins the recording. The sound dosen't sound as good as Stainless Steel (Caress of Steel bootleg) but its pretty rare, for the most part. The guitar is there, but its a little low in the mix. Same with the drums, but they are more prominate than the guitar. Overall, only for collectors.

December 31, 1976 Auld Lang Syne
Location: Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Source: Audience (1st Gen)
Grade: C+/B-
Setlist: Bastille Day 5:25
Anthem 4:57
Lakeside Park 4:02
2112 16:34
Twilight Zone 3:14
Something For Nothing 4:27
Best I Can 5:08
Auld Lang Syne 3:38
By-Tor And The Snow Dog 10:24
The Necromancer 6:08
In The End 7:04
Working Man Medley 13:52
Fly By Night 2:00
In The Mood 1:00

Comments: Another rare show. And I have said this before, not all of the rare bootleg sound that great. It seems like the person who recorded this just wanted this for themselves. The sound is a little distant, and there is a great amount of tape hiss, and "In the Mood" is cut. I think that the performance is also pretty good, I think that the boys are really hyped to go and play tonight, and it really shows with the overall sound of the performance. But, its rare, so you don't really want to miss it if your a super-collector.

November 27, 1976 Tear the Temples Down
Location: The Winterland, San Francisco, California, USA
Source: Audience
Grade: B
Setlist: Intro 0:33
Anthem 4:32
2112 16:38
Working Man 15:02
Fly By Night 2:02
In the Mood 2:59

Comments: I know there are many bad reviews about this boot, but trust me, its a keeper. The sound is a little distant, most prominatly in Anthem, but it seems to draw a little closer by the beginning of 2112 or so. The sound after that is actually really great. At times, there are cuts, and a few "glitches" or so, but it still sounds really great when those things are done. The audience seems to be well behaved for the most part, which makes the sound of the songs seem a little closer to the stage than it really is. Overall, you won't regret getting this bootleg.

September 22, 1976 Bastille Nights
Location: The Dome Arena, Rochester, New York, United States
Source: Audience (Analog Master)
Grade: B-
Setlist: Bastille Day
Lakeside Park
Fly By Night-In the Mood
By-tor and the Snowdog
In the End
Working Man/Drum Solo
What your Doing

Comments: This has a similar performance as By-tors Battle, but its on a different day, Geddys vocals sound almost identical, but yet different in the pitches. This is a little noisy in "Bastille Day" (I tried to make a joke there!) but still is great, and its just gets better until "In the End". The hiss is so loud, you can bearly hear anything when its there, but after that its sounds really great. Its really just for collectors, though.

April 17, 1977 We Have Assumed Control
Loaction: Lisner Auditorium, Washington, District Of Columbia, USA
Source: Audience
Grade: B+
Setlist: Bastille Day 5:49
Anthem 5:21
Lakeside Park 4:11
2112 17:38
Twilight Zone 3:28
Something for Nothing 4:18
By-Tor and the Snow Dog 11:42
The Necromancer 6:02
In the End 7:55
Working Man / Finding My Way / Drum Solo 14:35
Fly By Night 2:09
In the Mood 3:10
What You're Doing 6:10
Best I Can 3:32

Comments: This is a really good show of Rush in 1977. The sound is almost exellent, with only a few minor flaws that keep it from being an A or anything larger than that. Another awesome fact of this show is that it has one of the only known performances of "The Twilight Zone" and it has a rare performance of "The Necromancer" and "The Best I can" makes an apperance as well. I highly recommend this show, for its good setlist and its awesome sound.

May 10, 1977 You can trust your car to the man inside the star
Location: Riverside Theater, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Source: Audience Analog Master
Grade: B+/B
Setlist: Bastille Day 6:11
Anthem 5:07
Lakeside Park 4:02
2112: Overture 4:29
2112: The Temples of Syrinx 2:09
2112: Presentation 4:23
2112: Soliloguy 2:31
2112: Grand Finale 3:18
Xanadu 10:41
Something for Nothing 3:43
By-Tor and the Snow Dog 12:18
The Necromancer: Under the Shadow/Return of the Prince 6:06
Working Man/Finding My Way/Working Man/Drum Solo 14:38
Fly By Night 2:03
In the Mood 3:35
What You're Doing 6:02
Best I Can 3:26

Comments: This a really good audience recording. The only real problem is that sometimes the audience gets way to into the music, and they get a little too loud. Another bad quality about this source is that there is some bass distortion, and overall music distortion with the music, but I think that its just great. But other than that, the quality is really good. I really like all of the songs that they play. I recommend to anyone who wants to hear a pre-released version of Xanadu!

June 01, 1977 The Necromancer
Location: City Hall, Sheffield, England
Source: Audience
Grade: C+/B-
Setlist: Bastille Day 0:46
Anthem 5:12
Lakeside Park 5:10
2112 19:07
Xanadu 10:14
Something for Nothing 4:58
By-Tor and the Snow Dog 11:32
The Necromancer 6:13
Working Man / Finding My Way / Drum Solo 15:28
Fly By Night 2:08
In the Mood 3:12

Comments: This isn't as good as the other 1977 preformances of the ATWS tour. The quality, its a little hissy. Its also very hard for you to hear them play, especially Geddy. You really can't hear Geddy play bass, or sing in this recording. You can hear most of the things very well, its just hard to ignore the hiss, but the bass and vocals are very buried in the mix. I think that the overall performance is excellent, though. They give it their all for their first ever performance here in the overseas area. Recommend only to diehard fans of pre-released versions of Xanadu.

October 25, 1976 By-tors Battle VCR 2.01
Location: Paramount Theater, Seattle, Washington, USA
Source: Soundboard
Grade: A-
Setlist: Bastille Day 5:08
Anthem 5:04
Lakeside Park 4:20
2112 15:47
Fly By Night 2:04
In the Mood 3:02
Something for Nothing 3:51
Guitar and Drum Jam 3:10
In the End 6:42
By-Tor and the Snow Dog 12:11
Working Man / Finding My Way / Drum Solo 14:32
Best I Can 3:22

Comments: Though the show is a bit genned, its actually excellent. It still takes some time for me to get used to the sound, but its good. There is a signifigant amount of tape hiss and some distortion, but the instrument clarity is excellent. The drums are a bit indistinct, but they can still be heard. The performance is probably the best part of this boot. They sound like they are trying to just destroy the audience! Geddy's voice is extremely high in most parts, and he turns in probably one of the better vocal performances of the tour. He is really high tonight, vocally, and it gives me some goosebumps listening. Alex's guitar is absolutly blistering tonight, as if he has a bit of a "roar" or "growl" to his struming, same with Geddy. Neil sounds pretty good tonight, as he is playing very fast and extremely tight tonight. The show is a must have because its the only soundboard from the tour, and its a good one.

November 28, 1976 The Work of Gifted Hand Platinum Edition
Location: Selland Arena, Fresno, California, USA
Source: Audience
Grade: A
Setlist: Bastille Day 5:07
Anthem 4:38
2112 16:54
Lakeside Park 4:20
Working Man 14:55
Fly By Night 2:06
In the Mood 2:55

Comments: This is the show of 2112 and All the Worlds a Stage. This thing is like a soundboard pretty much, with the dynamics and the full range and the increidble crisp vibe you get from the overall sound. The performance is also something to go crazy about. The sound here is excellent, with a great performance you definatly cannot go wrong. Geddy sounds incredible tonight, he is so powering and in control for the performance, as with Alex being straight forward and loud, and Neil hitting the drums with pride. A must have show you don't want to miss.

June 02, 1977 Sign of Eth
Location:Free Trade Hall, Manchester, England
Source: Audience
Grade: B
Setlist: Lakeside Park 4:31
2112: Overture 4:37
2112: Temples of Syrinx 2:15
2112: Discovery 2:28
2112: Presentation 4:40
2112: Soliloquy 2:33
2112: Grand Finale 2:59
Xanadu 10:46
By-Tor and the Snow Dog 12:34
The Necromancer 6:25
Working Man Medley / Drum Solo 14:52
Fly By Night 2:07
In the Mood 2:41

Comments: I really like this one. The quality is really nice for being an audience recording. I really love the pre-release version of Xanadu. Geddy was a little sick on that day, so he was singing a little lower than he usually does on that day. The overall performance is actually very nice, the taper caught most of the action. But, I really like this bootleg. I recommend this to diehards and causual bootlegs.

December 10, 1976 Out of hiding
Location: Passaic, New Jersey, USA
Source: Proshot Video Rip
Grade: A-
Setlist: Intro - Nights, Winters, Years by the Blue Jays 3:28
Bastille Day 4:59
Anthem 5:03
Lakeside Park 4:21
2112 16:53
Fly By Night 2:12
In the Mood 2:44

Comments: This is an excellent sounding show. There is a video to this show, but I do not own it, so I can't review the video (now I do, check the video reviews). This is an amazing quality show. The bass is a little low in the mix, but it is still heard. Geddy has insane vocal power, he sounded really great on that night. The guitar is really nice, and very loud. But, one of the only problems is that when Geddy starts to sing, all of the instruments start to get quiet, but all of the instruments are still heard okay in the mix. I highly recommend, more of a thing you need.

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