Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rules of Trading

What types of CD/DVD media do you accept?
Grade A Eggs only. This is important because a lot of time is invested in collecting and copying shows. I have seen cheap media either stop working or never at all due to incompatibilities between the media and burner. As a rule, I can only accept CDR media that's made in Japan as they have been tested and proven to have the most integrity. While most blank media found in chain stores are equal to dung you can find Fujifilm CDRs pretty easily, but be sure to double-check they are "Made In Japan". Best Buy has these but be careful as they also have Fuji's made in Taiwan. When it comes to DVDs I've been extremely pleased with Ritek media and have had no complaints. Also, a big reason why certain media work better than others when it comes to burning DVDs is because of incompatibilities between the media and the DVD burner. I strongly suggest consulting the owner's manual of your DVD burner and/or going to their website and learn which media is recommended by the manufacturer for use with your burner. Believe me, this will help you tremendously and keep you from wasting money on DVD blanks that don't work with your burner. When it comes to getting blank media, I've found that ordering online is the way to go. Not only is there more choice, you can buy in bulk and save a good deal of money. I highly recommend Supermediastore and American Digital as excellent sources for high quality CDR/DVD media. Safe brands are usually Taiyo Yuden and Ritek, to name a few. Here's a great, informative link that deals with blank media quality. I wouldn't recommend anything less than "2nd Class" media.
I don't have anything to trade, can you do a B&P (blanks and postage)?
Possibly. Because of my busy schedule there is a limit to how much I can trade, let alone a B&P. Feel free to email and ask if a B&P is possible and I will respond to your emails and, at the very least, try to point you in the right direction if I cannot help you.
How do I find shows if we can't trade?
There are many avenues for finding shows. Firstly, the search engine Google is a tremendous tool for finding traders' lists. It's also vital to learn how to perform effective searches. By this I mean, use "quotes" around band names or titles, venues so you narrow down searches. Use combinations of the words, "bootleg", "trade","dvd-r", "dvdr", city names, etc. when searching and you'll start seeing which keywords are most effective in uncovering what you want. Keep the searches simple. Don't just search for "dvd bootlegs". Try to be specific and you'll wind up with more lists. If you have a high speed connection there are places you can download top notch shows. You can also try mining message boards related to show trading. That's a great place to not only find traders but you'll often see links to trader's lists that you can bookmark and visit later. See my Trading Resources page for more about these places. As always, if you find something on my wanted list or otherwise interesting, let me know and maybe we can setup a trade. This is what it's all about.
Do you trade for official releases?
I do not trade official titles that are in print. If a release is out of print (oop), it's fair game for trade as far as I'm concerned because there's no way to buy it and have the artist see any profits. Once a show is released officially I'll remove it from this list and then probably go out and buy it.
What is your DVD to CD ratio for trades?
Usually I do 2:1, which means for every DVD that you pick from my list I would pick 2CDs from your list and vice versa. Generally that's what I've experienced but if you have an exception I'm all ears.
Do you accept money for these shows if I have nothing to trade?
Absolutely not! If you email me about buying any of these shows I promise not to answer you. Also, buying bootlegs nowadays is really not a good way to spend your hard earned yen. I remember buying shows in the early 90's through European and Japanese mail order companies that advertised in Goldmine magazine. The rise of the Internet and CD/DVD burners have revitalized the bootleg market, especially trading. You can get any show in circulation by free trade. I'm not saying it's going to be easy but you'd be surprised what spending a few minutes sending a friendly email to a few traders will get you. Before you know it you could be writing a rules page just like me.
Do you require tracklists and do you send tracklists?
No to both. If you need tracklist information, let me know and I'll try to dig it up for you. I don't require tracklists for my cds but if you have it, please send it and I'll keep it on file. If we're trading RUSH shows, please see our resources page for links that will provide you with all the tracklist info you'll ever need. If you want to know how to get tracklist info a great resource is Google. With a little research you can find info on most any show, including artwork.
Do you require artwork or send artwork with trades?
I don't require or need artwork...if you have it, please send it to me in .jpg or .gif format. I would keep it on file in case a future trader does need it. If you need artwork, let me know and I will help you out. The web is a tremendous resource for bootleg artwork and there's a ton of sites that can help. Also, please see our resources page for more info.
I want x amount of your shows...please take x amount of mine so that we can trade; I must have x because I was there.
I get this quite often and please understand that I would love to trade with everyone, however, I too need sleep. For me, trading is merely a hobby and not a full time job. To put it bluntly, it doesn't matter to me if you want 20 of my shows and I can only find 2 from your list. At this point I don't want to collect just any has to be something I am really interested in, otherwise it's not worth my time to burn all the shows you want. What shows am I most interested in? Check out my Wanted List. If you can find something from that list, let me know and I'm sure we could work out a trade or maybe I can wax your car.
I'm new to trading, any advice on getting started?
If you are a new trader and want to build a large collection it's important to "network" and be respectful to other traders. Don't expect anyone to give you anything. I often get emails from newbies who expect me to give them whatever they want in exchange for some blank discs. I have no obligation to do anything for you, remember that. Trading is mutual and if there's nothing coming in, nothing goes out. If we are not able to trade, check out my wanted list (and main lists), get a feel for what I want and/or like. When you see a show in the future that sounds like something I may want, contact me. Your chances of trading with me will be much better than if you have nothing. Apply this method to all traders and soon you'll be making deals for shows. Knowing what other traders want, being resourceful and respectful to others is key to successful trading.
How did you get so many shows?
It's like trying on quality boot at a time.

Trading RulesPrior to trading, please be sure to read the rules below

First Time Traders
If we are trading for the first time and you came to me for the trade, you must send first. After I get your shows and make sure they're okay, I'll send yours out. If you ignore my rules and I find, for example, the shows are not what you "advertised", burned DAO, are mp3 sourced or are non-Grade A media I will not send your cds. I would like to initially trust everyone I trade with but I've crossed paths with one too many knuckleheads. If I contacted you for a trade, I will send first.
Burn your CDs DAO (Disc-At-Once)
This prevents the 2-second gap from being inserted between tracks. This is annoying for live recordings and not tolerated. I will always burn DAO for your discs. Please double-check your titles before sending.
No MP3 sourced cds
If you send me mp3 sourced cds it's a sure way to guarantee I don't send you anything in return.
Grade A Media
Only use CD-Rs "made in Japan" such as Fujifilm, Mitsui and others. If you send any other grade media, you won't get anything in return. When it comes to DVDs stick to brand names like TDK, Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, etc.
As "advertised"
By this I mean, if you tell me a show is excellent and it's obviously a stool sample, we'll have a problem. I do allow for objectivity. I know something can be excellent to one person and not to another, but come on. Believe me, I don't nitpick in this area and this sort of thing rarely happens but if it's obvious that something is not as advertised I will send it back to you. To get an idea of my rating scale please see the "legend" on the homepage.
Blanks And Postage (B&P)
In the event we do a B&P please be sure to enclose a self addressed, postage paid mailer. As a rule I would only be able to burn two shows at most. I may only be able to burn one show depending on my schedule. When your blank media arrives I will burn your shows, walk out to the mailbox in my underwear and send them off. I've had some brain surgeons send blank media without any notes or return mailer. That kind of thing is a sure way to never get anything back. Always be sure to include a short note reminding me of who you are and which show you'd like. Most traders simply print out an email correspondence and that helps the process tremendously. Also, I would advise not sending jewel cases as it will only increase your postage both ways.
Don't Change The Rules
When it comes to shipping, some traders (especially newbies) get overly anxious and decide to make their own rules. If you came to me with a B&P trade do not send your package Priority Mail and expect me to do the same. Do not send your media with a signature required and then expect me to do the same. As I mentioned earlier, I will burn your discs, walk out to my mailbox and send them back to you. I should not have to make a trip to the post office for you, and won't, so please don't expect me to. If you want me to return your package Priority Mail, please take care of that ahead of time when you are at the post office. Again, this is a hobby and if I can help some people, that's great. I need to have some rules in place because it makes dealing with the overall volume of requests that much easier for me to handle.
NTSC vs. PAL (DVD trades)
Since I live in United States our standard video format is NTSC. If we are doing a DVD trade I will check your list for any mentions of PAL (the European standard) and assume you are trading NTSC. It is important that you let me know otherwise.
Jewel Cases
Please don't send jewel cases. Putting the cds in a sleeve is fine...I will do the same.
Do not write on the label side of the CD. One day scientists may discover that ink from markers is harmful to silicon and I want to be laughing on that day. If we are trading a multi-disc set, please indicate the cd numbers on the inside rim of the CD only. I've also seen traders use post-it notes to label cds. E-mail me at or send me a comment on here, and we can hopefully make a safe, and a trustworthy trade. DO NOT SELL ITEMS, OR PUT THEM ON SALE!!!!!! THIS IS FOR TRADE ONLY!!!!!!

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