Sunday, October 5, 2008

Second Tour of the Nadars Dates

March 11, 1985 The Digital Wait
Location: Lakeland Civic Center, Lakeland, Florida, USA
Source: Audience
Grade: B-/B
Setlist: Intro :39
The Spirit Of Radio 4:58
Subdivisions 5:24
The Body Electric 5:53
The Enemy Within 4:37
The Weapon 7:44
Witch Hunt 5:13
The Big Money 4:56
New World Man 4:15
Between The Wheels 5:43
Red Barchetta 6:13
Distant Early Warning 6:44
Red Sector A 5:10
Closer To The Heart 4:22
Middletown Dreams 5:48
YYZ 2:11
Drum Solo 4:49
YYZ Continued :54

Comments: What a cool little show this is! The performance is definatly excellent, with Geddy opening The Big Money with "This is the Digital...Wait" hence the title, its pretty damn funny if you can beileve a master musician messing up, its very funny. The guys are pretty much electric tonight, even Neil seems to be in a good mood hitting the drums pretty hard as most of the time he does. Alex is really good tonight, even if he does have a few string breakings and a few mess-ups and wierd notes, he still sounds good. Geddy is in a funny mood tonight, as you can see by the ever so amazing intro the The Big Money. The sound is okay, nothing special, but its easy to listen to because the performance is so good. Its a little distant, with alot of crowd noise, but you can hear everyone at most times. There is some tape hiss, and a wierd airy mix and some distortion, maybe a little bit of a genneration this as this show is very old, and it might not be the master tapes, for all we know. A show for the collecters.

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