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Grace Under Pressure Dates

September 29, 1984 Graceful Meadowlands
Location: Meadowlands Arena, East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA
Source: Audience (1st Gen)
Grade: B+
Setlist: 3 Stooges Intro 0:45
The Spirit Of Radio 5:00
Subdivisions 5:25
The Body Electric 5:43
The Enemy Within 4:37
The Weapon 8:02
Witch Hunt 4:50
New World Man 4:11
Between the Wheels 5:32
Red Barchetta 6:20
Distant Early Warning 6:32
Red Sector A 5:04
Closer to the Heart 3:32
Kid Gloves 4:08
YYZ 3:12
2112: The Temples of Syrinx 1:50
Tom Sawyer 4:46
Red Lenses / Drum Solo 5:56
Vital Signs 4:52

Comments: I heard this show was great, and I was not dissapointed. The only thing that I was dissapointed in is that there is some background noise (not tape hiss) but it seems to be a bit of distortion, but not to take away from the overall sound. Everything comes across very cleary, and the microphone dosen't seem to be blocked or hidden anytime during the concert, so you get a clear signal of the band back in the day. The mix is very good, with only Geddy seeming to be a little low in the mix. The performance here is definatly excellent too. The crowd is crazy when YYZ starts, and I think thats when the boys seriously turn it up about 100 notches or so, and that also leads to one of the best performances of YYZ that I have ever heard. The corwd is not distracting at all inbetween tracks, but they are pretty loud between tracks, but not near defeaning like some other crowds from this tour. This would be a bit better without all of the background noise and stuff, but what is here is excellent. Get this show.

September 21, 1984 Currently in Vogue
Location: Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Source: Soundboard
Grade: A/A+
Setlist: The Spirit Of Radio 4:54
The Enemy Within 4:29
The Weapon 7:39
Witch Hunt 4:42
New World Man 4:01
Distant Early Warning 6:15
Red Sector A 5:17
Closer To The Heart 3:34
Vital Signs / Finding My Way / In The Mood 9:42
YYZ / 2112: The Temples Of Syrinx / Tom Sawyer 8:16

Comments: This is much better sounding than its brother from the same date, Fear, as this is much more commercial sounding. The show pretty much sounds like an official release at most times because the mix is much better than Fear. The performance is very good, the boys are having alot of fun with their fellow Canadians here at the Gardens, and it turns in pretty much solid performance. A show you have to have.

November 20, 1984 Made in Japan
Location: Furitsu, Taikukan, Osaka, Japan
Source: Audience
Grade: A
Setlist: Intro 0:16
The Spirit Of Radio 4:57
Subdivisions 5:30
The Body Electric 5:34
The Enemy Within 4:46
The Weapon 8:16
Witch Hunt 4:57
New World Man 4:34
Between The Wheels 6:18
Red Barchetta 5:57
Distant Early Warning 7:09
Red Sector A 5:27
Closer To The Heart 4:04
YYZ/ Drum Solo/ YYZ 8:07
2112: The Temples Of Syrinx 1:52
Tom Sawyer 5:01
Red Lenses 5:44
Vital Signs > Finding My Way > In The Mood 8:43

Comments: I'm listening to this show as we speak, and wow. I heard that this show was just "okay" or just "pretty good," but this show is amazing. The sound is so full and crisp, and I think its a master source because there is no tape hiss so to speak of. The mix is wonderful, with the keyboards slightly under in the mix. The guitar and bass sound excellent, and the balance between highs and lows is also very good. There are a few complaints with this source though, none that would kill this show though. There are a few cuts, 3 in Subdivisions around the 3 minute mark, and 1 in Red Barchetta, around the 3 minute mark as well. There is a pause between tracks, but none of Geddy's talking, and none of the music is actually missing from the show, which is very good. The performance isn't amazing, but its awesome. The guys, especially Geddy, seem to be enjoying themselves, and Neil is hitting the drums really hard tonight, and Alex is struming and hitting the chords very well. This is a show I wouldn't pass up.

September 27, 1984 Bottle of Booze
Location: Capital Center, Largo, Maryland, USA
Source: Soundboard
Grade: A-
Setlist:The Spirit of Radio 5:03
Subdivisions 5:28
The Body Electric 5:24
The Enemy Within 5:03
The Weapon 7:57
Witch Hunt 4:52
New World Man 4:22
Between The Wheels 6:08
Red Barchetta 6:23
Distant Early Warning 6:34
Closer to the Heart 3:48
Kid Gloves 4:19
YYZ 3:14
2112: Temples Of Syrinx 1:49
Tom Sawyer 4:56

Comments: This is Gypsy Eyes release of Tip of the Iceberg, which is exactly the same. They both sound the same, and they both are missing songs. There is an audience show from this date, its complete, but dosen't sound as good. I don't have the show, ufourtunatly, so I cannot trade that show. Cool Under Fire is the same date of the same show, which is more complete, as that show includes Red Sector A to the setlist. More or so for the completists.

October 30, 1984 Omni Under Pressure
Location: The Omni, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Source: Audience (Analog Master)
Grade: B-
Setlist: The Spirit Of Radio 5:07
Subdivisions 5:35
The Body Electric 5:56
The Enemy Within 4:49
The Weapon 8:25
Witch Hunt 4:54
New World Man 4:46
Between the Wheels 5:52
Red Barchetta 6:14
Distant Early Warning 7:15
Red Sector A 5:21
Closer to the Heart 4:42
Kid Gloves 4:21
YYZ 2:12
Drum Solo 5:10
YYZ (reprise) 1:01
2112 1:51
Tom Sawyer 4:50
Red Lenses 5:24
Vital Signs 4:54
Finding My Way 1:10
In the Mood 2:13

Comments: What we have here is a neat show from the later part of the Grace Under Pressure tour, taped by a "proffesional taper" as some might call it. The sound here, unfortuantly, did not become a proffesional recording. The sound here is pretty distant, but the corwd ins't all too loud, so you can tell that the taper tried to keep the audience level of sound at a complete minimal. There is a good amount of distance from the band and the taper, Geddy dosen't come out too well with this recording. He sounds very distant. The drums sound very good here, so we are lucky to have that, at least. The performance is pretty good, I think this is the only night that the boys played in the Omni on this tour, but you can never be sure as I do not know it they have or not. The guys turn in a great version of Vital Signs that might blow your ears its that good. The sound prevent a higher grade than this.

September 27, 1984 Tip of the Iceberg
Location: Capital Center, Landover, Maryland, USA
Source: Soundboard
Grade: A-
Setlist: The Spirit of Radio 4:40
Subdivisons 5:21
The Body Electric 5:10
The Enemy Within 5:06
The Weapon 7:46
Witch Hunt 4:49
New World Man 4:05
Between the Wheels 6:11
Red Barchetta 6:14
Distant Early Warning 6:23
Closer to the Heart 3:38
Kid Gloves 4:17
YYZ 3:14
The Temples of Syrinx 1:50
Tom Sawyer 4:46

Comments: This is the first release of the famous Landrover show. The sound here is good, but not as good of quality as the Cool Under Fire Digital Reproductions release, which has almost official quality. The sound is not bad, just a touch lower than a traditional soundboard recording. The performance here is decent, with some flubs, and Geddy is definatly struggling to sing, as you can hear if you listen closely enough. This is also incomplete, as with the DR release, but this is less complete as it is missing Red Sector A and the encores. A good show to have.

July 15, 1984 Seeing Red
Location: The Forum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Source: Audience
Grade: A-
Setlist: The Spirit of Radio 5:21
Subdivisions 5:19
The Body Electric 5:33
The Enemy Within 4:32
The Weapon 7:32
Witch Hunt 4:47
New World Man 4:38
Between The Wheels 5:38
Red Barchetta 6:11
Distant Early Warning 6:52
Red Sector A 5:18
Closer to the Heart 3:48
Afterimage 4:49
YYZ 3:09
2112: The Temples Of Syrinx 1:48
Tom Sawyer 6:17
Red Lenses / Drum Solo 10:12
Vital Signs 5:01
Finding My Way 1:12
In The Mood 2:14

Comments: One of the better from the tour. Much noticably better than Spinning Wheels soundwise, and its got a great performance as well. The sound here is really good, with only a tad bit of distance and some slight muffled sound in a few songs. For most of the show, there is great full dynamic sounds, and incredible highs and blistering lows. The performance may not be best of tour, but I think it is definatly great. They give those Canadians a great show tonight, and Geddy seems to be having fun a tad bit. This will make it into your collection sometime if you really love the Grace Under Pressure shows.

September 17, 1984 P/G/MSG
Location: Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USA
Source: Audience (2nd gen)
Grade: A-/A
Setlist: 3 Stooges Intro 0:50
The Spirit Of Radio 5:02
Subdivisions 5:26
The Body Electric 5:43
The Enemy Within 4:38
The Weapon 7:53
Witch Hunt 4:51
New World Man 4:44
Between the Wheels 5:46
Red Barchetta 6:17
Distant Early Warning 7:16
Red Sector A 5:04
Closer to the Heart 4:01
Kid Gloves 4:10
YYZ 3:14
2112:The Temples of Syrinx 1:50
Tom Sawyer 5:14
Red Lenses / Drum Solo 9:20
Vital Signs 4:56
Finding My Way 1:10
In the Mood 2:06

Comments: Another one-of-the-best from the tour shows. The sound quality is excellent, even better than the Spinning Wheels show. That only leaves the Experience to Extremes Remastered and Cool Under Fire show to beat. The sound is really that good. The audience is well-behaved on this night, even for an American crowd, luckily. The only problem is the time restrictions with the performance. Rush had to cut the show 20 minutes because of time restrictions, but the overall performance is pretty good. I also really like the artwork, its really cool. Now, I would love to talk about the performance. Its great, Geddy sounds nice, and so do Neil and Alex. There really isn't a problem with it, they are doing really good. And, as I have said before, the sound quality is excellent for being a 2nd gen source. This one is simply a must have for Rush fans that love the Grace Under Pressure era.

June 25, 1984 Experience to Extremes Remastered
Location: Mecca Arena, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Source: Audience
Grade: A
Setlist:3 Stooges Intro 0:43
The Spirit of Radio 5:03
Subdivisions 5:31
The Body Electric 5:18
The Enemy Within 5:03
The Weapon 8:03
Witch Hunt 5:04
New World Man 4:17
Between The Wheels 5:56
Red Barchetta 6:26
Intro 1:44
Distant Early Warning 5:15
Red Sector A 5:21
Closer to the Heart 3:04
Afterimage 4:54
YYZ 3:12
2112: The Temples of Syrinx 1:50
Tom Sawyer 4:56
Red Lenses 3:32
Drum Solo 5:14
Red Lenses (reprise) 2:12
Vital Signs 5:06
Finding My Way 1:12
In The Mood 2:15

Comments: This is definatly in the run for one of the best sounding audience bootlegs from the band in the Grace Under Pressure period, and this is just a great suprise for me. The sound is fantastic, there is no audience noise in the songs, and when the end or the beginning of a song starts, they aren't that loud, either. The performance is pretty good, actually. We get a nice live, rare version of Red Lenses and Afterimage, and they both really rock out loud. This is definatly something to get if you love the Grace Under Pressure period of Rush, and this definatly is not a bad place to start you trading journey.

May 12, 1984 Spinning Wheels
Location: Lawlor Events Center, Reno, Nevada, USA
Source: Audience
Grade: A-/B+
Setlist: The Spirit Of Radio 5:57
Subdivisions 5:32
The Body Electric 5:39
The Enemy Within 4:48
The Weapon 7:23
Witch Hunt 4:44
New World Man 5:00
Between the Wheels 5:39
Red Barchetta 6:15
Distant Early Warning 5:44
Red Sector A 5:14
Closer to the Heart 3:28
Afterimage 5:11
YYZ 3:11 2112:
The Temples of Syrinx 1:50
Tom Sawyer 5:59
Red Lenses / Drum Solo 9:49
Vital Signs 5:22
Finding My Way 1:14
In the Mood 2:50

Comments: This is something that you definatly don't want to miss. This is in the running for the best sounding bootleg from the tour, others are Experience to Extremes-Remastered, and Cool Under Fire, which all sound great. Though Geddy's vocals get a little buried from time to time, they are really clear, as with the instruments being extremely clear as well. There seem to be no speed problems with the source, either which is really great. Geddy was having fun with they keyboards this night, with interesting versions of everything. The overall performance though, isn't very exciting and there are a few mess-ups because it is very early in the tour, so you can't be perfect! I highly recommend this one, you have to get this bootleg if you a Grace Under Pressure fan, though.

September 30, 1984 Paz's Attic Release #6
Location:Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, New York, USA
Source: Audience Analog
Grade: C-
Setlist: The Spirit of Radio 5.19
Subdivisions 5.43
The Body Electric (cut out) 6.15
The Enemy Within 4.54
The Weapon 8.35
Witch Hunt 5.08
New World Man 4.46
Between the Wheels (cut) 4.26
Between the Wheels (cut) 1.14
Red Barchetta 6.35
Distant Early Warning 6.35
Red Sector A 6.03
Closer to the Heart 4.23
Afterimage 4.28
YYZ 3.15 2112:
Temples of Syrinx 1.54
Tom Sawyer 4.53
Red Lenses (cut) 3.17
Red Lenses (cut) 2.07
Drum Solo 5.10
Red Lenses (fade in) 2.06
Vital Signs 5.05
Finding my Way 1.12
In the Mood 2.14

Comments: This is a very rare find, and, very often, rare finds don't always sound so good. This is an example of one of those sources. The sound is extremely muffled, distant, and has a great amount of echoe, like the taper was all the way in the back of the concert are. Other than that, its has a lot of cool songs that were played, and, yes, and I mentioned before, that this is really rare source. One other thing that I would like to mention is that most of the songs on here are cut or are actually missing, all the same, its a very rare show. I obviously can only recommend this to people who need absolutly everything in their bootleg list.

September 27, 1984 Cool under fire
Location: Capital Center, Largo, Maryland, USA
Source: Soundboard
Grade: A/A+
Setlist: The Spirit Of Radio 4:55
Subdivisions 5:18
The Body Electric 5:31
The Enemy Within 4:42
The Weapon 7:49
Witch Hunt 4:46
New World Man 4:40
Between the Wheels 5:33
Red Barchetta 6:16
Distant Early Warning 6:55
Red Sector A 5:08
Closer to the Heart 3:36
Kid Gloves 4:12
YYZ 3:11
2112 1:49
Tom Sawyer 4:47

Comments: This is a pleasent suprise that I found wondering the files. This particular bootleg has really nice sound, very high quality for a bootleg. Geddy does not seem to be all that great tonight, his voice sounds a little strained, tired, but luckily, the bass sounds really good this night, one thing Geddy always keeps getting better at. One other hilarious thing about this show is that in "Red Barchetta", about 4 minutes in, Geddy forgets the words to the song, and Alex breaks a string. After 2 seconds, Geddy (after he sings) says "Fuck" into the microphone, its hilarious! You will laugh, but otherwise a great concert. There are very minor cuts, but I do think this is an incomplete show, so I can not give this an A+, but the sound quality really actually gives it an A or so. I highly recommend this.

September 21, 1984 Fear
Location: Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Source: Soundboard
Grade: A
Setlist: The Spirit of Radio 5:54
The Enemy Within 4:40
The Weapon 7:34
Witch Hunt 4:48
New World Man 3:57
Distant Early Warning 6:08
Red Sector A 5:24
Closer to the Heart 3:34
YYZ 3:12 2112:
Temples Of Syrinx 1:48
Tom Sawyer 4:43
Vital Signs 4:53
Finding My Way 1:11
In The Mood 2:31

Comments: At first guess I would think this is a really decent sound audience bootleg, but its actually a soundboard. There is minor hiss that I found on the tape, but it isn't really all that distracting. This isn't really my favorite from the tour, but its a good one. The quality is nice, and you can hear all of the instruments just fine, and, of course, the vocals can be heard fine just as well. Another mention is that this is the laserdisc version of the Grace Under Pressure DVD release, and I think that the Cool Under Fire bootleg should have been used to be in the DVD video, the sound is far superior to that of this bootleg. I think this particular bootleg should only be for people who lost the Grace Under Pressure DVD.

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